Amazonite by Mikhail Ostrooumov


By Mikhail Ostrooumov

  • Release Date: 2015-09-10
  • Category: Earth Sciences

Brief Description

Amazonite: Mineralogy, Crystal Chemistry and Typomorphism provides in-depth coverage of the geological setting, mineralogy, chemistry,spectroscopic parameters, typomorphic features, and potential technological and economical uses associated with amazonite discovery. Featuring detailed characterization of the geological settings of amazonite, as well a full investigation of its chemical composition, structural features, and properties with respect to each genetic type of granite, this essential reference covers all key aspects of amazonite and the benefits of its discovery.

Both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the field of mineralogy worldwide will find this translation of the popular Russian text a welcome addition to the literature on amazonite.
Presents a thorough guide to amazonite, a mineral in geologic formations that often signifies the presence of rare earth elements Characterizes the distinctive features of influence in the geological setting of amazonite, as well as in the relationship between deposits and specific genetic types of the granitoidsIncludes discussion of amazonite science topics, including the crystal chemical and spectrometric parameters of amazonite and the gemological significance of the amazoniteProvides the first English translation of the popular Russian reference book on the topic

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