Sold Into Salvation by Colbie Carter

Sold Into Salvation

By Colbie Carter

  • Release Date: 2015-11-03
  • Category: Suspense
4 Score: 4 (From 60 Ratings)

Brief Description

Brooke Kennedy has always led a sheltered life. Shy, quiet, and brainy, she invested all of her time into her education to become a doctor. But when she takes a vacation halfway across the world to visit her father who is living in Romania, her tightly-stitched world is ripped apart at the seams when she is snatched into the sex trade, and sold at auction. But being bought turned out to be her salvation, and when the dark secret behind her kidnapping is uncovered, she must turn to the man who bought her in order to survive.

Romanian-born CIA operative Dorin Milosovici lives his life with his survival being his only concern. Being a street kid in Bucharest only prepared him for a life as a soldier, then a spy. When the Agency sends him back to his homeland for an undercover operation, he is less than thrilled. But when a kidnapped American woman is placed on the auction block, drugged out of her mind, he posts the winning bid in order to save her. When Brooke comes to him in danger once again, it's no longer only his survival he must fight for. His cover is blown, the only thing that matters now is getting he and Brooke back to the United States safely. He just never expected to fall for the introverted, innocent kidnapping victim in his care.

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Customer reviews

  • Great Read

    By 9144jodi
    Great storyline, hard to put down.
  • Good read

    By Fifi's mama
    I loved this book I just wish it was longer or a second book.
  • Wonderful

    By Noriinny
    I was hesitant to get this book because it was so cheap and had no reviews. I assumed, as I usually do that no reviews meant no good but I was wrong. It's like I found a diamond in the rough, one warning though... Make sure you have the time to read in one session because there aren't any lulls and you won't want to put it down.
  • Fast paced read!!

    By Wingcah
    Fast paced and fun to read!!