Soulmate by Beverley Hollins


By Beverley Hollins

  • Release Date: 2013-12-27
  • Category: Spirituality

Brief Description

These images of Crystals and Affirmations, have been created to assist the user to connect to the power of their "High Self", helping clear away negativity, trapped in the Electromagnetic field of "Human Aura" and Chakra system, that contributes to stagnation and disease. I have also uses parallels between the Human body and the Earths energy fields or "Ozone Layer" to bring awareness of our connection to Nature and her Elements and the importance of how this is a reflection of our own health. These basic 5 Elements are Ether Ether - Consciousness, Wind - Mind, Water - Emotions, Fire - Action, and Earth - Protection. When these elements are in balance and our vibrational energy flows freely, we are able to achieve healthy growth patterns, stability and peacefulness. IMAGINE, discovering, trusting and using our own power, sourced through the conscious awareness of our "Higher or Soul Self", for perfect Love, health and guidance throughout this lifetime. Manta ~ ultimate goal, I am a Mate to my Soul.

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