The Love I Never Knew by Morris Fenris

The Love I Never Knew

By Morris Fenris

  • Release Date: 2015-10-10
  • Category: Contemporary
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 80 Ratings)

Brief Description

Ariadne Silver was born in a family that resented her. She grew up in miserable conditions – with a drug-addict mother and an absent father – but climbed out of the gutter to become one of the most successful spa owners in the States. Ariadne didn’t expect life to change, but suddenly it did. Her French grandmother, a woman she didn’t even know existed, dies and names Ariadne as her sole heir. Ariadne packs her bags and meets Lucien Valier, her grandma’s solicitor, upon her arrival in France. She spends weeks in France in company of her attorney. When she meets his little invalid daughter Ariadne is at a loss for words. Falling in love is totally new to her. And meeting such a talented little girl is really too much for Ariadne. Will Ariadne finally break the spell of bitterness and acknowledge Cupid’s arrow? 

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Customer reviews

  • It’s a good book

    By PeaceLove22
    It’s a good book
  • Not my cup of tea

    By Mep61
    I tried, I really did but I just couldn’t get into this authors style of writing. For me, it was like reading a bunch of statements that happened to be grouped together. In addition, the constant use of the characters first, and sometimes full names created a disconnect. I found myself subconsciously replacing the name with the applicable pronouns of he, she, they, etc ... but that became another distraction and added further disconnects to the flow of this story. A very impersonal writing style that does not draw the reader in.

    By SomeoneOutHere
    Proof anyone can be "published" electronically these days. I don't think the author knows the meaning of half the "big" words they put into the never ending stream of run-on sentences. I kid you now, there was less than an handful of dialogues in the entirety of the very short story. Why did the author feel the need to repeat the main character's full name in each sentence is beyond me. Like we'd forget whom we were reading about in a split second without the reminder. I found this on the free list and am I ever so thankful it was there. If I had paid money for it I would have been mad.