The Raging Sloth by Eric Eaton

The Raging Sloth

By Eric Eaton

  • Release Date: 2016-06-28
  • Category: Self-Improvement

Brief Description

Most people want to experience a successful and abundant life. But is this possible in a world full of pain and obstacles?
The Raging Sloth provides a positive blueprint on how to move forward, even through the muck and mire of life.
Speaker, author, and coach Eric Eaton shows you a 9-Step process to:
Engage your obstacles and leverage them to experience victory
Find purpose in the midst of your own limitations
Redefine success on your own terms
Live a life free of guilt, frustration, and excuses
Through his own journey Eric reveals his constant struggle with chronic pain while pursuing success in every part of his life. Through these highs and lows, Eric learned his entire life could thrive in spite of his pain, but only if he redefined success on his own terms.
Eric shows how anyone with limitations can live the upside-down life of success by becoming what he refers to as a “Raging Sloth.” 
Isn’t it time you became a Raging Sloth and bust through your limits, build your purpose, and balance your life? The Upside Down Life is a life worth living.

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Customer reviews

  • Fantastic Book For Every Reader

    By tjharrrold55
    This is a must-read! Eric provides a step-by-step outline on how to achieve your full potential dispite challenges. We all face challenges in life and failing to accept our limitations will limit what we can achieve in life. Learn to live "upside-down"!
  • Become a Raging Sloth Today!

    By Mark LaMaster
    The Raging Sloth stopped me in my tracks. The title alone was captivating enough; however, with each page that I read, I realized that we are all Raging Sloths in some way, shape, or form. We all suffer from some form of chronic pain; whether it be tragedy, a setback, a diagnosis, an addiction, debt, loss of a loved one, divorce, or whatever pain you might be experiencing. Eric illustrates how our "pain" can blind us from seeking our true purpose in life. In The Raging Sloth, Eric transforms his 18-year struggle with chronic pain into a 9-step process that will help you 'Build Your Purpose' once again and learn how to embrace living your life upside-down! Eric's encouraging and inspiring message is a must read for anyone struggling to find their purpose in life in the midst of pain. Become a Raging Sloth today!