Knocked Up (Again!) by Hanzel Stone

Knocked Up (Again!)

By Hanzel Stone

  • Release Date: 2016-08-13
  • Category: Erotica

Brief Description

Knocked Up (Again!) tells the story from Hanzel Stone's Knocked Up using the female POV.

Despite Alison's privileged WASPy upbringing she decides that she just has to see what it's like to sleep with her tennis partner Jason au naturel, regardless of the consequences.  But her BFF Bonnie beats her to it and seduces Jason after only one date.

When Bonnie gets pregnant on purpose by Jason, Alison becomes even more determined to trick Jason into seeding her, just like he did to her best friend.  Jason is totally unaware that he has a child by Bonnie, simply considering his bedding her part of his masterly skill with women.  Foolishly he has no idea how he is being manipulated by Alison to get her knocked up too!

Knocked Up (Again!) is part of the Seeded Duology that contains both Pregnant On Purpose (Again) and Knocked Up (Again!), both stories with the female POV.

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