To Tame a Wild Lady by Ashlyn Macnamara

To Tame a Wild Lady

By Ashlyn Macnamara

  • Release Date: 2017-01-31
  • Category: Historical
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 6 Ratings)

Brief Description

He’s a roughhewn bastard. She’s a rebellious noblewoman. Their passion bridges the class divide in a scintillating novel of forbidden desire and raw sensuality from the USA Today bestselling author of To Lure a Proper Lady.
Lady Caroline Wilde is expected to ride sidesaddle, but she’s not about to embrace convention. She’s also expected to keep a chaste distance from men like Adrian Crosby, the new estate agent, yet she cannot cease her ogling—which is especially irksome considering their ongoing feud. Adrian insists that the fields must be planted; Caro needs those same fields to train her horses. But whenever she tries to put him in his place, Caro looks into his steely gaze and her words simply . . . disappear.
A bastard son who grew up on the Wyvern estate, Adrian was lucky enough to receive an education at the behest of the late marchioness. Now that he has set out on his own, Adrian knows better than to fall for Lady Caroline, the Duke of Sherrington’s daughter. Caroline is at once a thorn in his side and an exquisite temptation, especially when she’s playing the feisty daredevil. Adrian would give anything for a chance to tame her—and with Caro in the saddle, he just might get his wish.
Praise for the novels of Ashlyn Macnamara
“Ashlyn Macnamara weaves tales rich in angst, humor, and history as she treats readers to the steamier side of Regency. Her inventive prose has secured her a place on my auto-buy list, and her memorable characters have secured a place in my heart. Don’t forget to set your morning alarm, though. You’ll be reading long past your bedtime!”New York Times bestselling author Jennifer McQuiston
“Ashlyn Macnamara brings all the elegance and romance of the Regency to life.”New York Times bestselling author Tessa Dare
“A witty, sexy historical romance . . . which will keep readers turning the pages.”Romance Junkies, on What a Lady Craves
“Intriguing, dramatic, and sexually charged.”Library Journal, on What a Lady Demands
“A wonderful tale depicting an intelligent heroine who speaks her mind.”Fresh Fiction, on What a Lady Requires
Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

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Customer reviews

  • Not your average historical romance

    By KPMe1
    Caroline and Adrian are the perfect match....unfortunately society has a different idea of a perfect couple. I loved the wildness of the story, the bucking against an unfair system that puts people into their different classes and never allows for a crossing of the classes without the threat of banishment from their graces. Caroline may have been born a Duke's daughter but she never let that stop her. I loved her determination and her strong mind that refused to accept her place, refused to be put into her place and smile graciously. She's such a strong character and needed an equally strong partner to bring all the brilliance out and Adrian was up to the challenge.
  • strong heroine gives everything for love

    By Valkia12
    Caro has been allowed to run a bit wild. She is an excellent horsewoman who wants to ride with the men in a hunt. Marriage would mean an end to that. Adrian comes into her life, shows tenderness to a boy he does not know, and tries to help manage the family money. Curiosity and lust pulls Caro to Adrian, and she loses her heart. There are some ups and downs, misunderstandings and good intentions throughout, enough to keep me reading. When Caro took the chance of giving up everything she cared for, I rooted for her to be right. I recommend this story and the series. I received a copy of this story through Netgalley, and this is my unsolicited review.
  • Super Duper Regency Romance!

    By jdh2690
    I love this type of Regency romance, about a strong heroine like Caroline who chafes at the strictures placed upon women during that time. And I love a hero like estate agent Adrian who comes to adore the “wildness” and strength in Lady Caroline. Despite the differences in their so-called stations they are drawn to and fall in love with each other. The lively romp they have trying to “do the right thing,” yet fighting their fierce attraction made for an absolutely marvelous romance! A copy of this book was provided to me by NetGalley.
  • Great fun story! Loved Caro and Adrian!

    By tsmb02(Sue G.)
    Lady Caroline Wilde is the second daughter of the Duke of Sherrington and a little bit of wild child. Caro would rather spend her days riding her horse, sitting astride, wearing britches instead of wearing fancy gowns. When Caro realizes that Gus, her sister's eleven year old stepson was missing after his horse came back alone, she goes out looking for him in the rainstorm. She finds him knocked out and tries to lift him. All of a sudden a man appears and offers help. Adrian Crosby can't understand why these young boys are out in the rain getting into trouble until he quickly realizes that Caro is no boy! That scene was so fun. Turns out Adrian is coming to Sherrington to interview for the new Estate Agent position and a new attraction is formed. As Caro and Adrian spend more time together their attraction begins to grow even more. Caro doesn't want to be a proper lady, she'd rather just be herself....turns out Adrian enjoys her just how she is! I love the connection these two had from the beginning. They both genuinely liked each other for whom they actually were. It was a crazy ride these two went on to get to their happy ending but it was a really great story. I loved how different Caro was from other London ladies and I really enjoyed how hands-on and hard working Adrian was.