Wildly Lost by B. H. Haass

Wildly Lost

By B. H. Haass

  • Release Date: 2017-06-14
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers

Brief Description

For Chauncy Wildes, a successful artist, sharing her cottage on the beach with her precious potbellied pig Olive, while clumsily stumbling through life, is the epitome of perfection – until she finds herself caught between a past she can't remember and an uncertain future. Chauncy is tormented by vicious nightmares and is desperate for answers as they slowly begin to come to life. Chauncy realizes that if she does not battle the demons of her past she will never have the future she has always dreamed of.

A familiar stranger’s lifelong obsession with Chauncy causes her to question the reality of her life. Chauncy's strength throughout this journey proves to be miraculous as she awkwardly navigates her way through her past one horrific memory at a time, knowing it would be much easier just to leave them locked in the dark. But with the help of her southern friends and family, she is able to put the sinister puzzle pieces together and finally understand the captivating grandeur of letting go.

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