Fury Awakened by Yasmine Galenorn

Fury Awakened

By Yasmine Galenorn

  • Release Date: 2017-06-16
  • Category: Paranormal
5 Score: 5 (From 8 Ratings)

Brief Description

My name is Kaeleen Donovan. I’m a Theosian—a minor goddess. They call me Fury.

By day, I run the Crossroads Cleaning Company, and I also read fortunes and cast hexes at Dream Wardens, a magical consulting shop. But by night, I'm oath-bound to Hecate, goddess of the Crossroads. Hecate charged me from birth with the task of hunting down Abominations who come in off the World Tree and sending them back to Pandoriam.

We’re on the run into the Wild Wood, away from the zombie invasion in Seattle. The Regent has set the Devani free to use whatever force they deem necessary. Their research labs have created a deadly antidote, with one major problem: the serum kills the zombies at a terrible price to humans. But things take an even more devastating turn.

As we return to UnderBarrow to plan our next move, the Order of the Black Mist carries out simultaneous strikes at governments across the world, crumbling the old order. Seattle, Atlantea, Black Forest, city after city falls to the chaos magicians. The world around us has changed forever. Now, Hecate offers me a choice I never thought I’d have to face. I can either leave my old life forever, or walk into the fire and awaken the fury within...

Series Order:

Fury Rising
Fury's Magic
Fury Awakened

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