Silver Bells by C.J. Hunt

Silver Bells

By C.J. Hunt

  • Release Date: 2017-08-22
  • Category: Contemporary

Brief Description

Isaac MacAllister's life revolves around building his business and doing his best to give his daughter Sara a strong sense of family. Over the years he's had to learn how to keep their little family together on his own, but this Christmas Isaac is going to have some unexpected help.

Christmas blogger Jenna Murphy has one goal for the holidays this year: to get far away from anything to do with Christmas. Her website sale is done, and after 1,825 posts about the big C, it's one "season" she never wants to celebrate again. She's ready to start a new life, and the Big River Lodge seems like the perfect place for her to figure out the details. The lodge is isolated, she has her own private cabin, and no one in her family will know where she is.

But she didn't plan on the highly distracting presence of Isaac MacAllister. Is Jenna going to let one sexy dad and his sweet kindergartener derail her plans for her holiday … and her life?

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Customer reviews

  • Cozy Read

    By Moohnshine
    In this story Jenna is stopping off in Rivers End for a non Christmas vacation, before the start of her new life without her blog in the city. She is determined to rest and relax and not spend one thought on the Christmas holiday around the corner. Upon her stay Jenna falls and hurts herself during a hike. She is rescued by the resorts owner Lucas. Lucas is the proud owner a cabin resort in Rivers End. Lucas runs the resort left to him by his father and he raises his little girl Sara on his own. When a beautiful guest falls and gets hurt, he has to take care of her. As time goes on the two develop feelings for one another but try to fight them. But Jenna has a secret that will put them all in danger. Will Jenna move on when her time is up? Will Lucas have a hard time saying goodbye? I loved the story, but felt it could have had more depth to it. I felt that the ending was kind of abrupt, cutting the story short per say. I felt it was a little rushed. The story had such a great plot to it. I did feel though as if the author could have added more to the story. It was almost like it was missing something. The characters were amazing. They pull you into their world of romance and you can't help but fall in love with them. A quick cozy read. I can't wait to see what is in store for Lucas in the next book Tipsy. *ARC provided by Booksprout and CJ Hunt