Ctrl F by Karthick N

Ctrl F

By Karthick N

  • Release Date: 2017-12-08
  • Category: Action & Adventure

Brief Description

A dirt-shoveling drift over the stench of burning rubber is a fantasy of every driver. Howbeit, a topple-over is equally likely, you bet? Of late, virtual reality allows you to live such experiences, nullifying the peril. This novel is a VR interface for those yearning for an adventure expedition!

Ram is a usual dude, who stumbles upon a clue to a treasure. The journey portrays how he teams up with his trekking friends and builds on the cues to move ahead in their adventurous quest. The narrative also touches upon human values and uncared-for heritage, en route.

Be feted by their thrill through the Instincts of the Inclined.

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