Driven by W. G. Griffiths


By W. G. Griffiths

  • Release Date: 2009-05-30
  • Category: Fiction & Literature

Brief Description

Gavin Pierce, a homicide detective with the Nassau County Police Department on Long Island, is in hot pursuit of a serial killer. As Pierce's hunt for the unconventional maniac progresses, there is no shortage of clues, evidence...or victims. All of which point to a predator whose expertise is matched only by an unnerving ability to escape capture. With this exciting and spiritual thriller in the vein of Frank Peretti, W.G. Griffiths offers up a chilling tale of one man's desperate fight against an evil that is darker and more violent than any he has encountered before. And when the final curtain is at last raised on this paranormal drama -- the hunter finds himself the hunted.

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Customer reviews

  • Driven by W.G. Griffiths

    By Catahoula4
    A chilling fast paced, thriller that is uniquely different as well as believable..... Now this is an extremely dark, twisted, believable, action packed thriller. True to Griffiths' form, you won't be able to put this book down. I had to at a certain point because as hair raising as it is, it gives one pause to think. There is a lot going on in this book and I had to let it sit a few days while I pondered some of it. When I went back to reading.....BAM! It all fell nicely in to place. I am typically NOT a thriller reader, yet I enjoyed this book immensely. The religious aspects seen in this novel, as well as Griffiths' other novels, are quite significant and necessary to the story and are in no way obtrusive. They are written in a natural, everyday, way of life, manner. While the W.G. Griffiths novels are seemingly easy reads, if you dig as deeply while reading the story as the author has at supplying a wealth of facts and information, then you would agree with me that it is not so much an easy read, as it is the intuitive way the author pens his stories. There is a certain quality about this author, his characters, and his stories that is uniquely and refreshingly different. After reading all the W.G. Griffiths novels, I find that his books are extremely well written, in a tasteful manner. He not only lends credibility and respect to his characters, but there is an underlying tone of credibilty and respect shown for his readers throughout his stories! It's a loyalty if you will, between author and reader, that can be felt growing more intense with each novel