Manhunter by Matt Braun


By Matt Braun

  • Release Date: 2007-04-01
  • Category: Fiction & Literature

Brief Description

In a lawless land
When Luke Starbuck takes on a wealthy banker as a client, the only thing more compelling than the paycheck is his prey. The James-Younger gang has confounded countless detectives, including the men of the Pinkerton Agency. Now it's Starbuck's chance to bring down the most notorious group of outlaws the West has ever seen-led by none other than cold-blooded killer Jesse James.

One man will enforce his own brand of justice...
Undercover work and patient tracking take Starbuck from Kansas City straight through the Indian Territory. But when Jesse outwits him during a bank heist in Minnesota, innocent blood is spilled, and Starbuck's mission becomes a down-and-dirty vendetta that will leave one man standing-and the other six feet under...

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