We Are Lincoln Men by David Herbert Donald

We Are Lincoln Men

By David Herbert Donald

  • Release Date: 2007-11-01
  • Category: United States

Brief Description

In this brilliant and illuminating portrait of our sixteenth president, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner David Herbert Donald examines the significance of friendship in Abraham Lincoln's life and the role it played in shaping his career and his presidency.

Though Abraham Lincoln had hundreds of acquaintances and dozens of admirers, he had almost no intimate friends. Behind his mask of affability and endless stream of humorous anecdotes, he maintained an inviolate reserve that only a few were ever able to penetrate.

Professor Donald's remarkable book offers a fresh way of looking at Abraham Lincoln, both as a man who needed friendship and as a leader who understood the importance of friendship in the management of men. Donald penetrates Lincoln's mysterious reserve to offer a new picture of the president's inner life and to explain his unsurpassed political skills.

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Customer reviews

  • We Are Lincoln Men An Essential Read

    By HarveyM
    I have read over 50 biographies of A. Lincoln by my finger in the wind calculation including "Lincoln" by the same author. This is a book about the nature of his closest relationships which provided a huge surprise for me. Judge David Davis of Bloomington,Illinois almost single handedly gave Lincoln the Republican nomination. He was a mastermind. He himself said that Lincoln never thanked him. This is not the Abe Lincoln I knew? Mary Owens a former girlfriend tells a story of a time when a young Lincoln in the company of other young men finds a bird that has fallen from it's nest. He picked up the baby bird and returned it to the nest. When asked why he did that Abe says that he just wouldn't be able to sleep that night knowing that the bird was lying in the grass. I was also surprised to learn that Lincoln's 1st friend in Springfield and his only lifetime intimate friend Joshua Speed was indispensable in keeping Kentucky a Union State. " We Are Lincoln Men" exposes us to a darker and more complex Lincoln. The author Donald also gives us a glimpse into the mind and analysis that a highly skilled biographer uses to tease out truth from fiction. After Lincoln died biographies came pouring out. Some of the skills are in the manner of the language Lincoln used. While Donald doesn't think the Bixby letter an important work. I do. Remember the movie " Saving Private Ryan" ? The letter is quoted in it's entirety by an actor playing John Marshall. The controversy comes when Hay one of Lincoln's secretaries claims to have written it himself. Donald comes down on the side of Lincoln. The letter has powerful biblical language that only the author of the Gettysburg Address could write. Author Donald doesn't just want to write a good story which he does. He wants to tell the real story. Harvey Andersen