Repetition by Doris Eliana Cohen


By Doris Eliana Cohen

  • Release Date: 2008-12-01
  • Category: Spirituality

Brief Description

This fascinating book by Doris Eliana Cohen, Ph.D., was written to help us create a shift in our own consciousness as well as that of humanity. In order to heal from traumas, we unknowingly repeat the stories of our lives again and again, reliving them in different scenarios in this life as well as in other lifetimes. This repetition of our behavior patterns is neither neurotic nor pathological. It is absolutely necessary, because painful though it may be, repetition offers us multiple opportunities for facing our issues, making new choices, and healing ourselves at last. All of us have a God-given gift of free choice, although we may be unaware of it at times. Only when we acknowledge and take full responsibility for the choices we’ve made in our current and past lives can we begin to change our stories and end the suffering we’ve been causing ourselves. This material is based on Doris’s 30 years of clinical experience with patients, using traditional therapy techniques combined with past-life regression therapy. It is guided and inspired by her communication with Guides and Angels of the Light, who have accompanied her for many years. Within these pages, Doris presents the 7 Steps of Rebirth, which provide a profound yet swift and simple route to change our lives and heal ourselves. Her 4 Steps of Joy offer a powerful tool for accessing the Light swiftly and easily. Remembering the events of our past lives provides a rich and fascinating tapestry of our journey, resulting in the humbling and uplifting realization that our souls are on a grand adventure. In owning our stories, we move from seeing ourselves as victims of life to empowering ourselves as co-creators of our destiny.

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