Foreign Currency Exchange by iMinds

Foreign Currency Exchange

By iMinds

  • Release Date: 2010-10-23
  • Category: Business & Personal Finance

Brief Description

Learn about Foreign Currency Exchange with iMinds Money's insightful fast knowledge series. 
Foreign currency exchange is the transaction of monetary business between two different countries. When conducting any business, participants must eventually be paid in the currency of their own country, regardless off whether the business is domestic or international. As a result, the exchange of foreign currency is an integral part of international business.

A key aspect to foreign currency exchange is the rate of exchange between two different currencies. The ‘exchange rate’ is the value of foreign currency that can be obtained with one unit of the domestic currency. It is in a constant state of change. Economic growth can lead to a rise in the exchange rate. High interest rates can attract foreign investment, causing a rise in the exchange rate. Conversely, if inflation is higher domestically than overseas, increasing prices and falling demand for exports can lead to a fall in the exchange rate. This makes foreign currency exchange very complicated. 

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