Touch Wood by Brock Barrack

Touch Wood

By Brock Barrack

  • Release Date: 2010-12-14
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers

Brief Description

Mutilated bodies of young women are being deposited about the city. The police are top heavy, understaffed and indifferent. Something should be done, however. People are encountering corpses in strange places. And complaining about it. So private security firm CORE is asked to step in. Investigate. If possible, dispatch the perpetrators.

Who better to follow up the assignment than rugged contractor Mitch Milligan? Ex-hockey enforcer and partyboy thug. Just about anyone, actually. Because Milligan's true forte is terrorgating those citizens CORE has determined need their heads screwed on tighter. That includes Islamic fanatics, government d******ds, loudmouth women and bad engineers. It's a great job, he loves doing it, and he's good at it. Too good. He gets promoted.

So, with the aid of new partner Yaz Maeda, acting detective Magnet Milligan sets out in half-assed fashion to find the killer or killers. Despite failing to follow up several promising leads, the team learn a shadowy organization known as The Ovarians may be responsible. After that, it's a full-on ride of madness and mayhem. Obvious clues are finally acted on, villains turn tummy up, and an evil rat takes the long bath in Florida. Mitch Milligan and the CORE crew. They get things done, undercover or under the covers.

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