Two Shot by Robert Swartwood

Two Shot

By Robert Swartwood

  • Release Date: 2012-06-17
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 6 Ratings)

Brief Description

Two Shot brings together two of Robert Swartwood's most exciting and suspenseful thrillers for the first time in one pulse-pounding volume.


Five years ago Elizabeth Piccioni's husband was arrested for being a serial killer. Her life suddenly turned upside down, she did what she thought was best for her newborn baby: she took her son and ran away to start a new life. 

Now, living in a quiet part of the Midwest with a new identity, Elizabeth is ready to start over. But one day she receives a phone call from a person calling himself Cain. Cain somehow knows about her past life. He has abducted her son, and if Elizabeth wants to save him she must retrieve her husband's trophies -- the fingers he cut off each of his victims. 

With a deadline of one hundred hours, Elizabeth has no choice but to return to the life she once fled, where she will soon realize that everything she thought she knew is a lie, and what's more shocking than Cain's identity is the truth about her husband. 


Holly Lin is living two lives. To her friends and family, she's a pleasant, hardworking nanny. To her boss and colleagues, she's one of the best non-sanctioned government assassins in the world.

But when a recent mission goes wrong causing one of her team members to die, she realizes she might no longer be cut out for the work -- except the mission, as it turns out, is only half over, and to complete it will take her halfway across the world and bring her face to face with a ghost from her past.

Things are about to get personal. And as Holly Lin's enemies are about to find out, she is not a nanny they want to piss off.

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Customer reviews

  • No Shelter

    By Felinesx3
    I liked the book and it held my interest very well, but the ending left me wanting to know what happened between Holly, her dad, Walter and Nova. Is there a follow up book that continues the story?