Knowing by Viola Grace


By Viola Grace

  • Release Date: 2012-08-14
  • Category: Paranormal

Brief Description

Signy Alora, ‘Ziggy’, was shocked when she was abducted by the Tokkel from her home on the human colony world of Gaia. She was appalled when experimentation was scheduled for her day, and relieved when someone attacked the ship of the invaders. Ziggy used her talent to absorb the information she needed to escape and in the process she managed to help a batch of aliens who had also been slated for torture at the hands of the troll-like Tokkel. She takes knowledge of his language, his ability to fly a starship, and a kiss that renders him senseless.

Five years later, Ziggy thought that she had made a clean getaway and hidden her involvement in the first crash of the invading ship, but when miliatary men collect her for the anniversary of the initial attack she realizes that her time of hiding what she did was at an end.

Ziggy had no idea that someone had been looking for her. The moment she spots the shifter that she kissed all those years ago, her time of hiding what she is is over and he couldn’t be happier.

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