Spread by Alotta Monks


By Alotta Monks

  • Release Date: 2012-10-19
  • Category: Fiction & Literature

Brief Description

Each year, vast numbers of people disappear from the world. Now, Jill appears to be one of them. Is she in hell? If so, why is she being treated so well? One thing she knows for certain is that she is definitely not on Earth anymore. She’s in a land of grand palaces, human slavery, shape-shifting aliens, humanalien hybrids, and an exiled race of giants once thought to be gods. As far as she can tell, she’s on a dark planet in a nearby solar system—and she’s getting the definite impression that she’s been brought to this place for a reason. The prophecy proclaims that only a repentant spirit can save them.

Is she the one destined to lead them all home?

To survive, she will need to make new friends in strange places. She decides to become whatever she needs to be to fulfill her apparent destiny as savior of this place and these people. Humanity will no longer be slaves or playthings for the amusement of their alien overlords—not if she has anything to do with it. And her new band of allies will do what they need to do to make it happen. After all, what do they have to lose—other than their souls?

Could the theorists proposing ancient astronauts have it right? Have these beings from the stars really been here all along?

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