All the C You Need to Know by Bill Dudney

All the C You Need to Know

By Bill Dudney

  • Release Date: 2013-01-17
  • Category: Computers
4 Score: 4 (From 41 Ratings)

Brief Description

This short book helps Objective-C developers understand C, the base language underneath Objective-C.

After finishing this book you will have a much deeper understanding of the C language and how many of its features are used to give Objective-C flexibility.

If you've ever wondered why the NSError ** parameter at the end of many Foundation APIs has two asterisks instead of one this is the book for you.

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Customer reviews

  • Great book for Objective-C developers!

    By CakeBytes
    The purpose this book is pretty clear. It's all the C you need to know as an Objective-C developer, and it does a good job of delivering on that. I was especially helped by the chapter on pointers. After reading that chapter and doing a little bit of work with pointers, they have become second nature to me in almost no time. I always tried to stay clear of them before! (Other than for their use in defining objects that is). Now I'm using pointers, arrays, pointers to arrays, pointers to structs, and even pointers to pointers with ease! The chapter on the Objective-C runtime is pretty nice as well, although I found I learned more about the runtime from the book "iOS 6 Pushing the Limits" (although, this book doesn't try to be as in depth, so it's not a fault of the author, it's simply the style of the book). Overall, the book is well worth the low price if you are a serious Objective-C developer!
  • Thanks a lot!

    By alex_bush
    This is the most helpful C book for an iOS dev! Read it and finally get to understand C!
  • Great learning opportunity!

    By Jacob Van Order
    For those who don't want to dig into the minutiae of K&R C or need a quick refresher, this book is a sterling example of cutting through the noise to help modern objective-c developers know what's truly important from one of the smartest voices in the industry! I highly recommend checking out this book!
  • Great overview of C

    By pshortyx
    I would recommend this book to any iOS developer looking to improve their fundamental understanding of C.
  • A must for iOS and Mac developers

    By brennanMKE
    After working with Objective-C a long time I took on a project which required Core Audio which is nearly entirely C functions which have minimal documentation. The names for everything are actually very helpful if you are familiar with the rules they follow, but I did not learn about those conventions while working with Objective-C. Reading this book helped in a big way. It helped get inside the heads of Apple engineers and learn those conventions so I can get through my project tasks more quickly with fewer "head desk" moments. I highly recommend it.
  • Love this book

    By Billyto
    Good content and amazing book layout, I found it pretty easy to read and concise about the C features related to Objective-C
  • Essential

    By Gordon Fontenot
    This book is essential reading for any iOS developer, especially if you're coming into Objective-C without a solid background in C. It really helped me to understand more completely some of the patterns I have been using for years, and has made a strong impact on my professional development.
  • Best Intro to C Book I've Read!

    By kwylez
    There aren't too many languages that are intimating to me, but C is definitely one of them. Over the past decade I have tried various times, either through online tutorials, reference books or classes during college to have, _at least_, a firm understanding of the language. Alas, I have yet to find a resource that balanced an introduction to the fundamentals without being too elementary, but also didn't make the assumption that I was a graduate from Stanford University with a degree in CS. I had given up. Since I have been developing with Objective-C for the past 3.5 years I felt it was more important than ever to add C to my skill-set. Unfortunately, I found myself in the same predicament…until I came across Bill's book "All the C You Need to Know". Coming from iOS/Mac development his reference to the tools and platforms that I have been so used to working with over the past few years helped me grasp the language fundamentals. This book isn't written for the season C developer and that is GOOD thing. As I continue to learn more C, this book has gotten me to a level of where feel confident that I can tackle the more intricate aspects of the language without being lost. If you have a solid development/engineering background (especially in Objective-C) and are looking for a great book on C then this is for you.
  • Well written "C for ObjC Programmers"

    By Schnitzelhorst666
    However, experienced people that have seen C before, note that the sample is the most complex this book has to offer. Recommended for entry level readers, everybody else can stop after the sample and doesn't need to buy.
  • Another Stellar Title from a Great Author!

    By ZombieObject
    So many of the books on the C programming language lack proper context with today's computing landscape. "All the C You Need to Know" delivers a much needed fresh perspective on the subject that will appeal to beginning and advanced developers.