Redemption by Elaine Pierson


By Elaine Pierson

  • Release Date: 2013-06-09
  • Category: Fantasy
5 Score: 5 (From 150 Ratings)

Brief Description

Redemption is the final book in The Lacey Hannigan Series

Cole is missing and everyone is certain that he's dead. That is, everyone but Lacey. She refuses to give up hope even after two weeks of searching. As the days pass, she becomes more depressed. And her powers become more unstable. The trust she had with Jesse has been broken. She knows he's hiding something from her and has vowed to find out what. But will learning the truth about what he's done send her over the edge of sanity? Will the residents of the Black Hills Mountain pack survive her wrath when all the secrets and lies are revealed? Someone close to Lacey will die...who will it be?

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Customer reviews

  • Everything Happens

    By hunnybleu
    One of the reasons I love this series so much is because everything I wanted to happen, happened. Except for a few tragedies, the book had a satisfying happy ending to the complete series that made me love reading.
  • LISTEN TO ME!plz :)

    By Littledullinger0026
    I haven't even read this book yet I read The other ones before it and they were Great especially changed the second Book.Plz continue with the books on Them im the series there awesome! I love this book SOOO much!Plz Continue with them don't end it now!!!! 😄😃😛😝😜.One of ur crazy readers
  • Please make more books like this!

    By Loved this book!
    Omg this book I read was so awesome!!! It was so sad and intense, it almost made me break my phone I was grabbing and I wish the book never ended :(((( I would have really liked it if the author continued a little more and continued the series... It was great anyways!
  • Redemption

    By Alex20029
    Loved this book but it's really sad. I almost cried. Almost...
  • U should make another one

    By AMME512
    I loved this series of books! I literally read growl and change 4 times and would gladly read them again. I just read redemption it was great but I wish that the author would have either left it less open ended or had written another book,
  • Please make another one

    By Hdhjfndhhsis
    Please make another one