Death by Proposal by Jaden Skye

Death by Proposal

By Jaden Skye

  • Release Date: 2013-08-12
  • Category: Suspense
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 151 Ratings)

Brief Description

Cindy and Mattheus, finally away together for a much needed vacation on the beautiful island of Aruba, are awakened by horrible shouts of despair. A guest at the hotel has just discovered his new fiancée dead under their window, sprawled out on the courtyard below, soon after he had proposed. The two recently met online, had a long-distance internet relationship, and had met in person only a few times. The entire hotel is terrified and mobilized. Was it suicide or was it murder?

Despite pressure from Mattheus for Cindy to focus on their relationship and not become involved, she has to fulfill the promise she made to herself to help victims of crime. Cindy can’t stop herself from jumping in and helping.

Cindy and Mattheus’s relationship is put under strain as the tension heats up as they explore the strange web of relationships between the family of the young woman and her new fiancée. They meet the lackadaisical police on the Island, the victim’s strange father who always expected her to die, and the dead woman’s hot-headed boyfriend who recently turned up at the hotel with his new girlfriend. They are propelled deep into the worlds of counterfeit love, fantasy relationships, and the horror of not knowing the truth about the person you are with.

DEATH BY PROPOSAL is both a stand-alone novel, and is also Book #7 in the Caribbean Murder series, following DEATH BY HONEYMOON (Book #1), DEATH BY DIVORCE (Book #2) and DEATH BY MARRIAGE (Book #3), DEATH BY DESIRE (Book #4), DEATH BY DECEIT (Book #5) and DEATH BY JEALOUSY (Book #6).

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Customer reviews

  • Not bad

    By Academy 3
    Not too bad. Murder mystery with love mixed in with murder and investigators.
  • Needs a proofreader, or basic Grammar tutoring

    By TMW in Dallas
    Although the plot line may be acceptable, the plethora of grammatical errors, and lack of proofing is inexcusable. This author either is so self absorbed that she thinks these errors and omissions aren't important, or she simply has no respect for the reader. Simply put: I'm purchasing a service from this person (the telling of a story for my pleasure) and she just doesn't deliver a basic product - story aside, the presentation is absolutely not acceptable.
  • Death by Proposal

    By Hillgirlhere
    Was distracted by the many, many proofreading lapses. Actually was the book even proofed at all? Was extremely disgusted to make it to the last part of the story and be hit in the face by the author throwing in the Lord's name used as a cuss word. Can't writers come up with an expressive word that doesn't offend God and the readers that love God our creator? Won't be reading anymore of these books by this author .
  • death by proposal

    By friendofhenry
    Very poorly written with many grammatical errors.
  • Death By Proposal

    By JerzeyShoreGirl
    I'm enjoying the books in this series but keep tripping over all sorts of typos. Is it the author's lack of an editor or something else? This book fell kind of flat in the end, sort of hurried and incomplete and a few scenarios regarding the computer emails and Facebook made the author seem lacking in the correct usage or worse, hoping the readers were. A good, quick and entertaining read overall.
  • Caribbean Series

    By Barb R.
    Just like all the rest Wonderful
  • Review: Death by Proposal

    By Hxlovr
    Good story line, but many grammatical mistakes, even misnaming characters which became very distracting.
  • Death by Proposal

    By Jimi77777
    Ok book, it would of been nice if it was proofread characters get mixed up often. Oh well
  • Frustrated

    By Lost circus hd
    So I have read the first 6 and will read the rest in the series as I really like the stories. Problem is the embarrassingly poor grammatical errors not to mention how there were duplicate word errors in same sentence. As I've said in past reviews I would rate each story a 1 if I ran into these obvious errors. Jayden you really need to do something about this. Well back to reading.......since I wrote this its gotten worse. Even character names are used wrong. Ex: when Riva should have been used(she is actually speaking) Kate's name was used. Confuses you for a moment.
  • Death by Proposal

    By Lab90
    Easy beach read. Editing in this book is the worst I've ever seen.