Mustard by Helen Sudell


By Helen Sudell

  • Release Date: 2013-09-23
  • Category: Specific Ingredients

Brief Description

Here is a wonderful collection of 30 recipes featuring the spicy sensation of mustard. Whether you are partial to the piquancy of Dijon mustard, prefer the mild mellowness of wholegrain, or feel you really crave the fierce heat of an English mustard, this simple yellow-brown paste has a valued place in the kitchen cupboard, as well as on the dinner table.  Recipes in this delightful book offer you the opportunity of using mustard to the extent it deserves. Creamy soups are given a delicious tang, vegetables take on a new dimension with a spicy mustard sauce, and main course dishes, such as Venison Casserole with Horseradish and Mustard Dumplings, taste wonderful thanks to this popular and indispensable condiment. The book also provides a chapter on how to make your own mustards, pickles and chutneys to have with a special meal or to give away as gifts. Each recipe is beautifully photographed, with clear instructions that will ensure a great result every time, making this little cookbook the perfect introduction to cooking with mustard. All of the recipes chosen for this compilation have been professionally written and tested in our chef’s kitchen. Ingredients are measured out in metric and imperial and US cup measures are also included.

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