The Duke's Shotgun Wedding by Stacy Reid

The Duke's Shotgun Wedding

By Stacy Reid

  • Release Date: 2014-04-14
  • Category: Historical
4 Score: 4 (From 155 Ratings)

Brief Description

Lady Jocelyn Rathbourne was taken in by a pretty face and even prettier lies, leaving her family's reputation at stake. When the man who made promises to her announces his engagement to another woman, she knows the only way to avoid a scandal is to marry the cad's brother, the cold, formidable Duke of Calydon.

Sebastian Thornton, the Duke of Calydon, is in need of a wife. Bored with the simpering ladies and overly-forward seductresses populating the ton, Sebastian longs to find a woman with fire and spirit. He never expected the perfect candidate to barge into his home, aim a derringer at his heart, and demand he marry her...

Each book in the Scandalous House of Calydon series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 The Duke’s Shotgun Wedding
Book #2 The Irresistible Miss Peppiwell
Book #3 Sins of a Duke
Book #4 The Royal Conquest

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Customer reviews

  • Loved it

    By EB612
    Not your standard love story. Very well written. Want to read others by her.
  • very good read

    By kadiabooklover
    A fast-paced read, which grabs you from the beginning! From the moment Lady Jocelyn pointed her derringer at Sebastian—Duke of Calydon, the sparks flew. No simpering lady here (which is refreshing). She is strong-willed and challenges barriers of rank, and defy social prohibitions. Who cares what polite society thinks?! But, little did she know her plan of holding the Duke hostage and forcing an offer of marriage from him as a result of a broken engagement from his brother would backfire, because Sebastian was looking for a wife. Her bold actions definitely ignited the sparks early and he took full advantage by “sampling” the wares. Of course, this infuriated Lady Jocelyn, and this served as the basis for their back and forth banter, and heated encounters. With a reputation for being shrewd and merciless, Sebastian was definitely not the typical gentleman of the ton. Lady Jocelyn realized quickly she would have to be careful as she was playing with fire. While surprised at his willingness to accept her forced offer of marriage, she went along with it to avoid disgrace. The passion between the two was definitely quick (perhaps due to the shortness of the story), but definitely held the reader. The wedding night definitely combined a tender love story with numerous erotic scenes more successfully than some authors I have read. It was also when Sebastian found out Lady Jocelyn had lied about being seduced by his brother, but that certainly didn’t prevent him from giving in to his passions. The bedroom definitely heated up on the Richter scale after this—despite Sebastian feeling duped. I appreciated that this wasn’t a love at first sight story, and it shows that passion and getting to know each other definitely resulted in a more meaningful connection between the two; more realistic in my view. There were some funny moments when Jocelyn’s sister asked how the wedding night went, and was it “wicked, and immoral”? Let’s just say, Lady Jocelyn suffered no “ill-effects”. Definitely a good read. There was a perfect balance between sensual and tender. I would definitely recommend this to readers of the genre!
  • Quick & Pleasurable

    By JcanJerk
    Well written story.