Ecology by Roger Prior


By Roger Prior

  • Release Date: 2014-05-12
  • Category: Life Sciences

Brief Description

Ecology begins by considering the energy flow through an ecosystem with its presentation of the Laws of Thermodynamics, energy pyramids, food chains and food webs. It considers the interrelationship between photosynthesis and respiration before it focuses on the biology of populations. This part of the unit highlights the rates of change in populations, dynamics of growth, and the interactions between species affecting population growth and density. The unit concludes with the topic of succession. The unit is supported by original artwork and labeled diagrams and contains many questions such as short answer and multiple choice that are linked to their answers for self-testing. It also includes sets of written answer questions to help build one’s understanding of the concepts presented. The unit features an interactive Taxonomic Guide and interactive Glossary with hundreds of contextually explained terms.

Ecology is extracted from Biology 11 Study Guide, which is the fourth edition of a student study guide written to match the curriculum of British Columbia. The concepts presented are applicable to the biology curricula of other educational jurisdictions as well.

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