Opposing Sides by CM Doporto

Opposing Sides

By CM Doporto

  • Release Date: 2014-05-30
  • Category: New Adult
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 397 Ratings)

Brief Description

College senior, Lexi Thompson, finds herself in a relationship to be wed to the university’s star baseball pitcher, Collin Norris. Collin’s hot, but his lack of spark has Lexi thinking twice before she says ‘I Do’. When she’s forced to tutor bad boy football quarterback, Raven Davenport, she soon discovers all the things she’s missing in her relationship with Collin. Will she succumb to the temptations enticing her, or will Collin be able to convince his sweet, innocent fiancée that his love for her is genuine despite his lack of affection?

Ages : 17+ for mature content and sexual situations

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Customer reviews

  • Can this be happening?

    By 2kasmom
    Lexi Thompson and Collin Norris are engaged basically because their parents want them to be. She is waiting for a sign that he really loves her and wants to be married to her. Every time she asks him to show that he cares, he moves way from her or shuns her somehow. Lexi starts tutoring Raven Davenport so he can be the football star for the school. He needs help with his writing. Lexi can do that in her sleep. She also needs a distraction from Collin. He still cannot seem to show he cares. Collin is involved in sports also. He plays baseball with her brother. Raven is the star for the whole school. In Texas, football matters. She teaches him what he needs to know. Lexi starts to have thoughts about Raven. It shows her what she and Collin should have. She practically begs Collin to notice her and sat something and all she gets is the silent treatment and glares for her trouble. I liked that this book was very honest and showed the character development as it was happening. The banter was good. The story very real.
  • The writing was "meh" at best

    By <>
    I almost stopped reading this book. I expected more in a Part 1 of 3 series type book. There were excessive typos, and the language of the author was amateur at best. I just felt like there wasn't much going on and the story took forever to develop. I gave it a shot since a friend recommended it. I am only giving this book a 3 because I really liked what the story finally developed into in Book 3. Granted, I did have to suffer thru half of Book 2 where things FINALLY started to pick.
  • Follow your heart

    By Tunerchic77
    I'm proud of Lexi. She chose not to stay in a relationship where there was no love or affection. Collin was pissing me off. I understand being a preacher son and all but not showing any type of emotion or affection to your girl. At first I thought he was cheating but as the book progress on I'm thinking maybe he is and fact gay. I can't wait to read the next book and see where it take Lexi and Raven.
  • Nice!

    By Jazzy0796
    Many syntax errors, but overall a great story. I must admit I skipped over a lot of the thoughts the character had. She over thinks. I prefer reading the dialogue. It was quite nice! Can't wait to read the second!
  • Free, So I can't really complain

    By lucylou90342
    but it was slow. it was kind of boring a lot of the time and I wouldn't recommend it. I stopped reading 2/3's of the book and started skimming it just to prove I was right about the predictable ending. I really hate how it was ended even if their will be more books. I also ound myself getting very aggravated with the lead female character as well. She was to submissive and did not stick up for herself enough to her fiancé.
  • Opposing sides

    By Dollyames
    Good story. Lexi has a tough choice to make once she starts tutoring the star quarterback if her school. Stick with her safe fiancé or walk on the wild side.
  • The Raven's Trap is Perfect

    By superjessa
    A cliff hangar. Grr. Alright. It was super cute, but I really want an ending! I wanna know what happens next. I loved Lexi and how the story was about her figuring out what she wanted instead of just going along with what her family said. And, one of the very few complaints I had, I want more Raven!
  • A Must Read!

    By bthbryant9
    A must read. I received the book as a gift for an honest review. I have read all of C.M. Doportos books and loved them all. She is an amazing sci-fi writer. But gives us a twist with her new book Opposing Sides with no sci-fi in the book.I was shocked when I realized it, saying to my self is this really her and of course she did an amazing job. Lexi struggles through her life during her senior year of college,from her parents running her life, to her boyfriend of four years not showing any affection towards her.They were both raised to have no sexual contact until marriage but Lexi wants more. She cares deeply for her fiance Collin but doesn't know if its true love or an expectation of everyone around her. On top of everything She then gets thrown into tutoring the star quaterback Raven Davenport. The sexy hot football player that his smile, scent, and touch makes her warm in all the right ways and Unexpected feelings arise. Can she control her feelings for Raven and get Collin to make her feel that way? I want to say so much more about the story but I don't want to spoil the book.I am afraid I already said to much. This book is definitely a must read.
  • Yes!!!

    By JaimeB1976
    First off, two of my favorite sports are in here, baseball and football. Second, The Raven. Third, such a wonderful story that I couldn't put it down. I love CM Doporto's writing, and I will keep reading as long as she keeps writing.