Raising Girls by Cathy Wilson

Raising Girls

By Cathy Wilson

  • Release Date: 2014-06-03
  • Category: Family & Relationships

Brief Description

Raising Girls: Teaching Your Daughters to Become Responsible Young Women by expert Cathy Wilson focuses on Practical Motivating STRATEGIES to raising girls Successful and Happy.
COMMUNICATION is Priority ONE in understanding your daughter. How To Raise Girls coaches undiscovered tips shaping her into the confident, accomplished, POWERFUL woman you BELIEVE she is.
INITIATING a Stronger Relationship . . .
UNDERSTANDING the Role of Father Figure . . .
IDENTIFYING with Social Pressures . . .
SOLIDIFYING Unconditional Love . . .
Finding SOLUTIONS that PREVENT Road Blocks to begin with are discussed in detail. Gaining the Practical Knowledge and "Know-How" to gift your daughter the best start in life is what How To Raise Girls is all about!
Wilson unveils IMPROVING relations . . . MOTIVATING better decisions . . .INSPIRING to dream . . . ENCOURAGING openness . . , IMPLEMENTING action is all here at your fingertips.
Let's get started!

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