Commercial Acting in L.A.: A Session Director's Guide by Shaan Sharma

Commercial Acting in L.A.: A Session Director's Guide

By Shaan Sharma

  • Release Date: 2014-06-26
  • Category: Performing Arts
5 Score: 5 (From 11 Ratings)

Brief Description

Learn how to become a successful working actor in TV commercials in Los Angeles in this fun step-by-step guide by top Casting Session Director and commercial actor Shaan Sharma. The book covers everything you need to know about the business, what you need to get started, how to get the right training, and walks you through the entire process of auditioning, booking and shooting projects; all from an insider's point of view. Even veterans will learn useful tips for converting more auditions into bookings. If you don't know the information in this book, you're probably losing work. Includes great illustrations by Paul Loudon.

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Customer reviews

  • Actor

    By CA Cooper
    Bottom line, we are in a new age of how to effectively tackle the acting world...things have changed. Shaan addresses with exciting and entertaining direction of what must be done to be a working actor. This fun and informative read will outline every aspect of how to be competitive in the acting world. He hits it all and makes it clear on what you must do in this competitive business. He knows what works and puts it into clear, concise text. I couldn't put the iBook down! Thanks Shaan Sharma!
  • Timely, Relevant; An Invaluable Acting Tool...

    By DJSidney
    Shaan Sharma's Commercial Acting in L.A.: A Session Director's Guide proves itself to be an invaluable resource to every acting professional pursuing work in the nation's (and the world's, really) most competitive entertainment market. Shaan Sharma not only delivers his accurate and experienced-based information in a relatable, relevant, and unapologetically candid way, he also organizes it in such a manner that every actor now has a hand-written, step by step, a to z guide to follow--a recipe for success, if you will--to play the numbers game that, talent withstanding, is Hollywood. Moreover, not only does he outline the knowledge, wisdom, and experience he has garnered by his work in Los Angeles, he continues to walk the walk weekly by interacting directly with actors in a teaching, instructing, and developing capacity. If ever there were a formula by which to program one's path toward finding work in the commercial world of acting, it is contained herein this expertly crafted guide by Shaan Sharma.
  • If you don't know the info in this book I ALSO guarantee you are losing work! :)

    By tristin.rupp
    Moving to LA to pursue acting? Here already, but not getting where you want to? Booking some work, but not feeling growth, sustainability, or understanding just exactly how it all works? Or are you a total pro living entirely off of all the millions you've made acting but would like a fun read where you can chuckle along with the author at all the things you've done wrong and also learned from (and maybe even pick up a few things you didn't)? Then check out Shaan Sharma's book "Commercial Casting in LA: A Session Director's Guide." It's a must read that is very entertaining, witty, down to earth, straight forward, honest, gives you insider advice, tips, knowledge, and lets you get to know one of the best sources and teachers in LA and how to be connected with him. I for one am so glad that Shaan's advice, knowledge, experience, and wisdom can be shared and seen by thousands of actors now and that all of his hard work is paying off. His value will fully be realized. Hallelujah. It's about time. I am excited that such a positive, sincere, caring, honest, and helpful beacon of light will be heard and accessible to the actors of LA to help steer them in the right direction and protect them from the sharks and pitfalls of Hollywood. Shaan really covers everything in this book and makes it very relatable, clear, and easy to understand and follow (and the pictures add a nice touch too). He has so many years of hands on experience both in front of and behind the camera AND behind the closed doors hearing what all the CD's, directors, producers, and clients say. And he's sharing it all with you! For only $20 bucks! And it's not just the book you're paying for. Having Shaan as a resource out here is a BLESSING. I can't even count all the times the advice Shaan has given me has not only been spot on, but has resonated and resonated and resonated with me and I still remember those things to this day. I may not always follow them (just like I may not always follow Waze and I'm always sorry when I don't cuz I end up in gridlock - lol), but he has proven time and time again to be one of the wisest, most caring, intellectual, profound, versatile, SUPPORTIVE, endearing, kind, sincere, genuine, perceptive, perspicacious, observant, intuitive, clever, insightful, I mean lets be real folks how many more flattering adjectives can I use here?, mentors and friends I've ever met. So instead of buying that new album (cuz let's be real - who buys albums anymore) or that new shirt/dress/shoes/scarf/jacket/jeans/sweater/band t-shirt/socks/what have you (thrift store it like Macklemore yo) or getting a Martini on the Rock at Vaucluse (they seriously serve it with a diamond in the bottom of the glass; save it for when you book that National), spend your hard earned money on this book. You won't regret it. And you can thank me later. And maybe Shaan too. Maybe. ;-)
  • This is a Must Read!!!

    By EBodine
    This book is so full of wisdom and enjoyable to read, that I couldn't put it down. It is THE Los Angeles commercial actor's instruction and advice manual. "Commercial Acting in LA: A Session Directors Guide" presents a ton of insightful information in a way that's professional yet personal, funny, and spot on. It's taken me years and years of auditioning and working here in LA to learn some of the information that is included in this book. It covers all the bases, touching on: training, headshots, image, agents and managers, casting services and facilities, auditions, callbacks, booking jobs, working on set and much more. I highly recommend this book!
  • Super Helpful and Entertaining!

    By Jokabo
    Well organized, incredibly informative. Everything I wish I had been told when I first moved to LA and started pursuing a commercial career. What’s especially helpful is that it’s written from the perspective of someone who works both in front of and behind the commercial casting camera. He’s honest about the business while maintaining this great sense of humor and optimisim. The language is real and accessible, not stuffy the way some other books of this genre can be. It’s an easy read that informs and elevates your strategy. Highly suggested for anyone getting into commercials. Thank you, Shaan!