Jan's Anguish by Tony Flye

Jan's Anguish

By Tony Flye

  • Release Date: 2014-08-25
  • Category: Contemporary

Brief Description

Jan is a woman whose mother polluted her daughter's mind for half of Jan's life with her sexually repressive, distorted and demented views on love and sex since their first mother daughter talk when Jan was thirteen. Jan's mother attitude towards married sex caused conflict between experiencing the sexual satisfaction Jan craved and enjoyed with her husband, Jimmy, and pleasing her mother's repressive statements and ideas. At the height of passion with her husband Jan saw her mother's face before her and heard her call Jan a whore and slut. Jan's mother equated being a wife with being a prostitute. These were the demons that Jan took to bed. Jan no longer wanted to put herself in sexual situations where she suffered the demons' wrath yet she wanted the pleasures her husband aroused in her. She loved Jimmy so much she wanted a divorce so he could find a woman who wanted to make love with him, who wanted to share his bed. Jan and Jimmy in an effort to save their marriage and rid Jan of her demons the saw various therapists for over a year with no success. Jan finally gave up and asked Jimmy to divorce her. He did reluctantly. Jan's mother who drove her own husband away before Jan's birth finally succeeded in driving off Jan's husband. Jan and Jimmy remained strained friends for their two children's sake until Virginia, a school teacher, came along. Jimmy fell in love with Virginia and she with him. Jan's anguish increased when Jimmy told her he planned to marry Virginia. With the possibility of loosing Jimmy forever, Jan grew to hate her mother. A month before the wedding, Virginia announces she going to teach in California for nine months. When Jan heard that Virginia married a man in California she'd known for only a month, Jan's outlook towards Jimmy brightened. Jan's new therapist convinced her that part of the problem was her own fault for giving in to her mother and not fighting for her own survival. Jan invites Jimmy to a special dinner at the start of a three day weekend at which she wears a new red dress, red heels and nothing else. In spite of her mother words in her head she manages to seduce Jimmy, something she was never able to do before. By the end of the weekend, Jan’s demons vanished.

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