Genetic Diet by Cathy Wilson

Genetic Diet

By Cathy Wilson

  • Release Date: 2015-03-05
  • Category: Health & Fitness

Brief Description

Genetic Diet: Fat Loss, Energy Gain, by nutritionist Cathy Wilson is an introductory health and wellness guide, offering practical manageable solutions toward optimal health.

By using scientific evolutionary backing, focusing on the strengths of caveman ways, and by pointing out the weakness in our fast-paced, technology hungry society, Wilson teaches simple effective strategies to help you...

*Cut out fat
*Lose weight
*Build immune system strength
*Deter disease
*Unleash hidden energy stores
*Build lean fat-burning muscle
*Improve heart function
*Manage chronic conditions

Step by manageable step, this perfect health diet will show you how to eat clean, naturally cleanse your body of deadly toxins, and live your life full of vim and vinegar!

Using the basic intrinsic needs for survival, Cathy shows you how to identify and take action with your eating, exercise, social, mental, environmental, and lifestyle factors that work for YOU.
Let's get started!

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