Kidney Transplant eBook by Leonardo V. Riella

Kidney Transplant eBook

By Leonardo V. Riella

  • Release Date: 2015-04-25
  • Category: Medical
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 15 Ratings)

Brief Description

Transplantation is one of the most exciting fields in medicine. However, learning about kidney transplant has become much harder for those initiating in the field due to the dramatic expansion of knowledge in the past decade. The Kidney Transplant eBook is an interactive book that employs different learning tools in attempt to keep learning fun, interactive and efficient.  The image collection is vast, reflecting more than 7 years of work. There are more than 250 original figures, which include graphs, illustrations, pathology slides and radiology images. Videos will help clarify difficult subjects such as anti-HLA antibody assays, and review questions will test your knowledge after each section. If you highlight a key sentence or make notes on a chapter, the segments will be organized by chapter in My Notes and can be reviewed as Study Cards. Finally, problem-based cases describe the thought process, differential diagnosis and management of common conditions affecting kidney transplant recipients. Not enough? Finally, hyperlinks allow you to access key PubMed references with one-click.  This interactive Book can be used by fellows during their transplant rotation and as a teaching tool for attendings during rounds.  Have fun!

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Customer reviews

  • Excellent resource for renal fellows!

    By GH3242
    Things I liked: -Information well presented yet still concise enough for a fellow/resident/student to get through in a reasonable time. It took me maybe 10 days or so while reading ~25 pages per day. -If there is a topic you want to learn more about, the videos/presentations are a nice addition -I felt like the area I learned the most from and now feel much more confident in is immunology/immunosuppression/rejection -The ultrasound section was great. We get so little teaching on reading and even less on performing renal ultrasound. This is definitely a missing part of our education which your book helps fill. -I like the problem-based approach section to various post-transplant problems (elevated creatinine, proteinuria, failing graft, etc.). This comes up all the time on service and it was a nice way to practice thinking through different scenarios. Things that might be helpful to add: -I would like to learn more about the step by step process involved in the surgery itself. What is the step-by-step process, what things are the surgeons thinking about with the case, what are their concerns, etc. -I personally feel like I learn best from case-based scenarios. I know there are some there, but from my perspective the more the better as it helps tie everything together. -I’m sure how to incorporate this and may be more suitable for a different book, but I think it would be great to have something similar to the ultrasound section you have for transplant kidneys but more detailed on native kidneys and native kidney biopsies. Again this is a big hole in our teaching.
  • Game Changer

    By ProNephron 1
    This is One book every nephrologist needs to have in his library.Concepts are well explained with excellent figures. Innovative & Fun way to learn Kidney Transplantation
  • MD

    By Jack Harbell
    A very concise and high yield textbook of kidney transplantation.
  • Transplant nephrologist

    By John Scandling
    A handy, friendly transplantation learning tool for nephrology fellows on the go.
  • Visuals and More

    By Arjang Djamali
    My compliments to the author for combining art work, histopathology, and multiple choice questions with an excellent review of the pathobiology of kidney transplantation. This material will be greatly appreciated by all trainees and nephrologists/transplant nephrologists.
  • PA-C

    By KyEH1
    Excellent resource that all fellows, residents, and PA’s can and should use early in their career to better understand transplant. As another reviewer pointed out, I thought the transplant immunobiology and the immunosuppression chapters are particularly helpful. Very comprehensive with clear images, text and videos to support learning. I wish this would have been available when I first started working in transplant. Strongly recommended for all those in training and new to the field!
  • Great for any fellow (or resident) who's new to transplant

    By kdox7
    Dr. Riella did a great job of clarifying the concepts and basic principles of transplant nephrology. Comparing this to other books I've read, it's much more concise and helps to direct ones thought process in a practical way when a approaching a transplant Nephrology patient. A must have for any Nephrology fellow regardless of prior exposure to transplant rotations.
  • Excellent textbook!

    By Naoka M
    This is an amazing textbook for all learners!! Highly illustrated including pathology figures, ultrasound images and videos explaining concepts difficult to understand. For beginners--students and residents, this will give you an overall idea on kidney transplant and explain in details basic concepts of immunosuppressants and basic immunology. For advanced learners, it will answer your clinical questions and integrate your fragmented knowledges and lead you to further level of understanding with updated references. Must read textbook!!
  • An excellent resource

    By AQL1978
    This book is well-written, easy to read, well organized, and filled with great diagrams … a wonderful resource for fellows and attendings alike. Highly recommended!
  • Transplant Nephrologist

    By Pete Reese
    This ibook is the most exceptional and thorough teaching resource to hit transplantation in over a decade. Dr. Riella and colleagues have done an amazing job of illustrating the chief clinical problems in transplantation with lucid text, beautiful pathology images, clear figures and video. The practical questions in each chapter enable the reader to test his or her knowledge. I plan to take my ipad on rounds with this book. I wish it had existed when I was in training. Bravo!