How Forever Feels by Laura Drewry

How Forever Feels

By Laura Drewry

  • Release Date: 2015-10-13
  • Category: Contemporary

Brief Description

From USA Today bestselling author Laura Drewry comes a warm and witty new Friends First novel—perfect for readers of Jill Shalvis and Susan Mallery. How Forever Feels is a sweet tale about the one that got away . . . and the one that came back.
Maya McKay’s heart is as big as Jack Rhodes’s shoulders are broad. Their chemistry is out of control, but it could never work between them because Jack is more than just best friends with her cheating ex-husband—they’re like brothers. Maya, the sensitive, practical florist, has given up on love and is ready to settle for like. But now that Jack’s around again, he’s stirring up old feelings—and turning Maya’s fantasies into irresistible reality.
Jack blew his chance with Maya years ago when he stepped aside for his best friend, Will, and he’s still kicking himself about it. Maya was promised forever once before, and she got burned. But when Jack realizes that second chances aren’t going to fall out of the sky, he seizes the moment—and the woman he’s always loved—to show her how forever truly feels.

Praise for How Forever Feels
“A sweet, sensitive and romantic story, How Forever Feels is an unputdownable read.”New York Times bestselling author Claudia Connor

How Forever Feels is a terrific friends-to-lovers story full of humor, emotion, and passion. Laura Drewry’s colorful characters and smooth prose made this romantic read a true delight!”New York Times bestselling author Virna DePaul
“One of the best authors of unrequited love stories would have to be Laura Drewry with her Friends First series.”—The Book Enthusiast
“The Friends First series is unlike any other series I’ve read. Every book is just about perfect, with characters flawed enough to be convincing and easy to relate to. Yet somehow each new book is even better than the last. . . . Forget taking one book with me in that stranded-on-a-desert-island scenario. I just want to take Drewry’s imagination.”FicCentral
“I really have grown to love this author and this series. She consistently delivers on plot, characterization, and swoony men to swoon over. This book is no different.”—Nose in a Book Reviews
“A sweet, romantic and fun friends-to-lovers/second-chance romance. I highly recommend you read the entire series!”—Jen’s Reading Obsession
“I am a sucker for friends-to-lovers stories, and this one was a great one! I read Accidentally in Love not long ago and became a fan of Laura Drewry, and she made me an even bigger fan with this one.”—Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews
“Totally cute, funny, charming and heartwarming. An excellent friends-to-lovers book that will make you smile while you snuggle up with it.”—TJ Loves to Read
“A feel-good story that I would recommend if you enjoy contemporary romance with some fun, laughs, a few tears and a really great dog!”—Cat’s Reviews
Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

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Customer reviews

  • Incredible!

    By Astroyic
    What a Fantastic friends to lovers story that kept me smiling the whole way through. Such a wonderful, sweet, loving, fun and oh so sexy and Hot. They are both such sweet people that love and care with all their hearts. Great dialogue, and plenty of witty banter. I was so connected with these great characters and great secondary characters that I was vested in their happiness and their journey. I felt the joy, the quilt, the heartbreak, the jealousy, the attraction and the complete love that emitted from these pages. A full story with great details. Loved that it was told from dual POV's. Maya McKay has been mourning over the loss of her HEA fairytale, her Forever love as well as the loss of her best friend for the last two years and it was due to her cheating ex-husband. He fooled her into thinking that she had found her soul mate, when it was all a lie. But then her best friend Jack Rhodes, who is also best friends with her ex-husband comes back into town and Maya is feelings things when Jack is around that she has never felt before. Four years ago Jack Rhodes met Maya and set his sights on her, only to have his best friend, and foster brother Will, sweep in and romance her away from him. Now two years since he has had any contact with Maya, he finds himself back in town for awhile and he runs into her, while she out with her friends one evening. Maya and Jack's relationship was so much fun to watch develop with the help of Maya's friends and their sizzling chemistry. Everybody thinks they are great together. But will Jack become hesitant again to speak out of loyalty to the family that saved him and lose Maya all over again or will he show her what forever love feels like? You will have to read this to find out. Loved the quotes from the show Friends at the beginning of each chapter. Highly Recommended! Received an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
  • A bit repetitive, with some seriously boneheaded utterances

    By glhince
    3.5 stars rounded I know with a book from Laura Drewry that the dialogue will feel natural and flow nicely, and each story will highlight an issue that many of us have experience with, personally or in our own circles of friends. In How Forever Feels, we get a chance to peek in on Maya and her second chance at romance. Maya has had a rough time of it, still reeling from her divorce from a lying cheat, she’s decided to just move forward and on. Life for her isn’t going to include the love of a man, 2.5 children and a picket fence. She’s regrouping and adjusting to her own new normal, and then Jack appears. Best friends with her ex, Jack and Maya have always had ‘something’ but he’s constantly deferred to his best friend. They took him in as a child, and he is constantly trying to ‘prove’ his love to them. Jack needs a spine, and the ability to tell his best friend that he behaved despicably toward Maya. There’s a solid deferential streak in Jack that is just not attractive. Even when we are given his history, the lack of growing up that he has done is just annoying. His constant ‘we can’t, but I want you and love you” repetition is frustrating, and I don’t always get Maya’s interest. A bit repetitive, with some seriously boneheaded utterances from Jack, these two are moving toward a happily ever after, until his guilt and the influence of Will’s family takes over his better sense. If for once, Jack would just shut off the outside voices, these two would shine as a couple, he does adore her, and they are meant for one another. Maya has a long road to keep Jack solid, she doesn’t stand up for herself and what she needs nearly enough, and while he’s giving, he’s just not consistently thinking about her, about them. Friends and their support are highlights in the story, the skill that Drewry has in showing connections and developing dialogue are highlights in her stories, and while I didn’t always buy in to the Jack and Maya forever premise, here was a story that I couldn’t put down. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
  • I love Laura's writing! You'll love too!!!

    By CarolGN
    Maya and Jack. Jack and Maya. <3 These two are something else. They first started with a Piña Colada… Say what? Yeah! And, as people say, the rest is history… Ok, this is the worst review ever. Let’s start over. Maya had always wanted the whole thing: the husband, the home, the kids, and she wouldn’t set for anything less than that. Well, maybe… I mean, she wasn’t getting any younger. Jack is… Well, Jack. He’s amazing, funny, and has a huge heart. So huge that he missed his opportunity because his best friend somehow called dibs on Maya. Maya wasn’t the only woman Jack had lost to Will, but she was the only one he ever regretted losing. Jack met Maya in a party… A Piña Colada was his ice-breaker. Well, it was supposed to be like that, but he-who-should-not-be-named stepped in and made this whole thing a huge mess. I loved their story. They are cute, funny and… they match. That’s it! They are perfect together and everybody sees it but them. You know that type of banter that couples have and you just think to yourself ‘That’s what I wanna have in a relationship’? Well, that’s Maya and Jack. The problem? Jack is best friend with he-who-should-not-be-named and that just complicate things a bit, and the fact that Maya is he-who-should-not-be-named’s ex is the icing on this messed up cake. But still, Jack wouldn’t let his friendship with Will be an obstacle anymore. He was just plain crazy, head of heels for her. And that smile… Whew. It made his stupid. Plain and simple, that’s what it did, every single time. When they figured it out that they wanted to be together (finally!!!), it made me cry and hope for them: “What are we going to do?” she asked. “We?” “Well, yeah, I sort of thought we were a ‘we’ now. Aren't we?” “God, I hope so.” [image] I think that, of all the books of this series, I like this one best. Maybe it’s because of the fact all of the previous characters had their part in this story. Or maybe it’s because I love the have-been-in-love-for-a-long-period story. It could also be because of the quotations before each chapter (yeah, that definitely is one of the reasons). But I know for sure that one of the reasons is because of the facetiming scene. BEST SCENE EVER!!! (I’m not gonna tell you more, I do not spoiler). Now, back to the quotations: Friends? Really? Ok, Laura, if I didn’t love you before, I’d love you now. Having friends quotations throughout the story just made it perfect! I could easily read them imagining the characters tone of voice and the episode every single time! It was a perfect idea. [image] Now, my letter to the author (because that’s something I always do): Dear Laura, Thank you so much for this series. I loved each and every one of your characters. And I will also miss all of them. They all had something special and this series wouldn’t be so good without their quirks and jokes and banter and love for each other. Keep writing, and I’ll make sure I’ll keep reading. Sincerely, one of the your biggest fan.